Water filters

Filtering water saves time, money and effort
A quality drinking water filter removes unwanted particles from the water und improves the taste dramatically. Installation is simple and in most cases can be done within minutes and the filter cartridge only needs to be changed every 6 months. People who prefer to drink bottled mineral water have to carry it home and they pay more for it - a 4-person household can save up to 500 Euro a year by using a water filter system.

Filtered water tastes better
Do you know how good filtered tap water can taste? Prepare your own drinking water. To use a filter is simple and inexpensive. The taste of coffee and tea achieves its full flavour and filtered water is ideal for cooking. Plants and animals also thrive on filtered water.

Impurities should not be in drinking water
Generally, tap water is increasingly contaminated with impurities from extensive farming, poisonous chemicals and the remains of medical drugs. Not all of these particles are removed at wastewater treatment plants. Water is probably the most important substance for the human body and therefore tap water should not contain impurities - e.g. lead and copper from old water pipes.

Filtering water is more ecologically friendly than buying bottled mineral water
Very often mineral water has been transported for up to 2000 truck kilometres before it is used - an unnecessary environmental burden to nature and, unfortunately, there is not always a guarantee of good quality mineral water.

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