Water Ionizers of the UCE Series

The UCE-9000 / UCE-11 Turbo is an undersink ionizer with a unique design for easy handling. By using the supplied shut-off valve it can be installed to the cold water supply pipe and the water dispenser on top of the sink or into the worktop. All ionizers are supplied will the complete equipment for the installation and are therefore ready for use. If you already possess or intend to buy a water ionizer, please note the information on the following pages:
Filters for UCE ionizers
Accessories for water ionizers

Performance data:
  • 9 / 11 platinum-coated titanium electrodes
  • pH levels: 4 alkaline, 1 neutral, 4 acid, differently coloured on the display
  • water flow stops automatically after 15 minutes (remaining outflow time is indicated)
  • digital display for remaining filter life, filter replacement is automatically announced
  • operation through full-colour touch screen or jog dial, supported by voice message
  • Voice output in German, English, Spanish, French and Italian
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