Water ionizers

Amongst other things, drinking water should be pure and alkaline, i.e. its pH level should be above 7. This can be easily achieved by filtering and treating tap water with a water ionizer. All water ionizers of our product range are equipped with a double filter system. (In case of an already existing filter system, they can also be used without filter, i.e. even then you will not have to refrain from using an ionizer.) After filtering the water is conducted into a cell, where a fully automatic, microprocessor controlled ionization of the water takes place.

The water is separated into an acidic and an alkaline part so that at the touch of a button alkaline water is available for drinking and cooking. Tea and coffee are more digestible and on top of that in the long run you safe money and at the same time protect the environment. According to the quality of the incoming water the pH value can be set individually for each level and you get a constant high drinking water quality from your tap without carrying a single water bottle.

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