Water Ionizers of the YT Series

The YT ACE Series is the latest innovation of the Korean market leader for water ionizers. Noble compact design combined with high-performance technical equipment. The YT ACE has an ionization chamber with 9 or 11 platinum-coated titanium electrodes, which are controlled by a user-friendly 262000 color LCD display. If you already possess or intend to buy a water ionizer, please note the information on the following pages:
Filters for YT ionizers
Accessories for water ionizers

Performance data:
  • 9 / 11 platinum-coated titanium electrodes
  • pH levels: 4 alkaline, 1 neutral, 3 acid, Turbo
  • temperature protection
  • digital display for remaining filter life
  • access to filters on the machine front

YT ACE 11 - 360° view

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